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Healthy Brain Program

Do you feel forgetful? Do you experience brain fog, memory loss, slowing down, or have a family history of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or strokes?

The number one priority for individuals as we age is that we maintain a healthy, vital mind. After all, our mind makes us who we are! Emerging science now shows that maintaining brain health, sharpening memory and even reversing cognitive decline are all possible and attainable.

Brain heath is related to healthy body, hormonal balance, a healthy gut, lifestyle factors, stress, environment, medications and more…. and when our bodies aren’t healthy, our brains can suffer. It can be hard to know what steps to take to enhance your brain health. 


There’s a lot of info online, a lot of foods, supplements, memory exercises and more, but do these things really address the true underlying problem? Getting clear on what’s really going on that’s affecting your cognitive abilities is important so that the energy and resources you spend to enhance it will be successful.

After treating hundreds of patients over the last 25 years in practice, one of the chief concerns I see among my aging patients is maintaining a healthy, vital mind. Let’s face it, it’s hard to enjoy the fruits of your labour, your family, and your life if your brain is slowing you down.

I’ve created the The Healthy Brain Program to address this problem and help you to understand your individual vulnerabilities that may be causing cognitive problems. Through advanced testing and an individualized treatment, plan we can correct these imbalances, prevent cognitive decline, and improve overall brain health.

The program’s goals are to:

  1. Identify and correct vitamin, mineral and fatty acid deficiencies

  2. Remove food sensitivities and high glycemic foods and embark on a brain-friendly diet

  3. Identify and eliminate toxic exposures, including heavy metals

  4. Investigate and correct imbalances in gut microbiology

  5. Support detox pathways

  6. Manage hormonal imbalances

  7. Strengthen mitochondrial function (the energy producing engines of every cell of your body)

  8. Direct attention to exercise, stress and improve sleep

This is a comprehensive six-month program that addresses all these issues.

Your healing journey begins at your first visit. The benefits of the program will be explained in detail. We will review your medical and personal history, do a physical exam, and order your first panel of lab tests.  Your follow-up visit will be scheduled for two weeks later, to do a deep dive into your lab results and begin treatment. We will schedule monthly appointments to support you as you move through the eight main aspects of the Healthy Brain Program.

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